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V-Expos helps you entertain your market. As you educate them about your brand and generate revenue.

Virtual Escape Rooms

eGaming Virtual Venues


How it Works

- Global Exposure & Access -

Your virtual exhibition and company booth can be updated and marketed repeatedly with different messages to bring new visitors from anywhere around the world to visit, learn about, and contact you.

- Ongoing Lead Generation

V-Expos exhibitions and booths are live 24-7-365 so you can grow your network and widen your leads funnel with no additional investment.

- Networking & Live Events -

It's easy to update in real-time your live events calendar so visitors to your company page can join whichever live events they want, while you can use any online platform you want for your event.

- Booth Visitor Statistics -

Receive monthly reports with data and statistics to learn more about your site visitors, including how many visits, unique visitors, locations, which links they clicked, and more. (PREMIUM FEATURE)

1. You Send Materials

You send us all the relevant materials via Google Forms according to the specifications we provide for each item.

2. We Build Exhibit Booth

We build your booth and place all the materials and links in the appropriate place. All booths have identical layouts to ensure visitor ease of interaction, but your custom-designed materials make your booth unique and stand out.

3. Receive Data & Leads

We share with you statistics about visits to your exhibition, company booth/page, and clicks on links  to your materials.

4. Update Materials

As you update your materials, just send us the new materials and we'll update your booth/page accordingly so it is always fresh and up-to-date.


How it Works


- Convenience -

Attend whichever events you want, whenever you want, and connect with whomever you want, all from the comfort of your sofa. Or kitchen. Or wherever else you may desire.

- Networking & Live Events -

Network with exhibiting companies as well as other exhibition visitors at your convenience, and attend live streamed events as scheduled by the hosting company.

- Affordability -

It's all FREE! No small print, limitations, or conditions. Period. Ready to begin?

1. Choose a Field

Choose from a wide range of industry categories.

2. Pick an Exhibition

See a list of all the exhibitions in the industry you chose, and choose which exhibit you want to visit.

3. Visit Company Booths

Visit 3D company booths in the 3D exhibition you chose (desktop only), and visit company virtual booths / webpages offering a rich variety of informative materials, videos, contact information, and more.

4. Network Virtually

Network with exhibitors and exhibition visitors by joining exhibition-specific groups to participate in discussions, see and post media, review other visitors' profiles, initiate 1-to-1 introductions, and more.

Image by Isaac Smith

Want to learn more, discuss working together, or share a comment or idea for how we can improve?


Please let us know below.

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