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AgTech Israel Presentations & Demonstrations

AgTech Israel Presentations & Demonstrations


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The Exhibitors

Below are just a few of our exhibitors.

Use the filter below to see more information about each exhibiting company.


Towards Biological control

Nabeel Gnayem

Agrorim, an Israeli Agrotech startup company. We developed a patented platform technology of molecular encapsulation of generic natural active compounds such as pheromones or essential oils for plant protection, as an alternative for synthetic chemicals. These encapsulated active compounds offer a slow-release of pheromones (over 220 days), allowing easy spraying, one time a season. This protects the plant for an entire year, from insects such as apple moth, grape moth, olive moth, and more, potentially with multiple pheromones in the same product to control few key insects.

Arugga AI Farming

AI Robotics Treating Every Plant in the Greenhouse

Eytan Heller

Arugga’s autonomous ground robot will treat and monitor every plant in the greenhouse. Our first focus is in greenhouse tomato farming, comprising more than 35% of greenhouse crops, and specifically pollination. With AI-based vision and proprietary mechanical system the robot replicates buzz pollination. Our next treatment modules, such as non-contact pruning, yield prediction and early pest and disease detection, will address issues of labour shortage and cost as well as revenue loss.

Automato Robotics

Affordable robots for every farmer

Eyl Udassin

Automato Robotics is helping to solve the international labor crisis in agriculture by providing affordable robots to every farmer.
Focused on passive greenhouses, we developed a robot which can be fitted for many purposes. Our first add-on is a tomato harvester, soon to be followed by an autonomous sprayer add-on. Based on a very experienced team, already executed a successful exit, we developed a prototype and gained substantial traction in the Spanish market which is our first major market.

Thank you to our SPONSORS:

Thank you to our PARTNERS:

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