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- Exhibit Images -


Learn more about the images in the virtual exhibit above, and see additional images not included in the virtual exhibit. The images are displayed below according to category.

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Intro text for Noam

Meet Your Tour Guide

Noam Bedein


This is a VR-enhanced video. You can "grab" and move the screen as it plays.

​This tour comes with additional images presented in the gallery below.

If the gallery is SELF-GUIDED, you can look at the images at your own convenience.

If the gallery is GUIDED, when you play the video your guide will tell you when to advance to the next image using the right or left arrow.

This tour gallery is


What is the V-Expos Dead Sea Virtual Tour?

V-Expos presents virtual tours of locations and museums around the world, curated and presented by tour guides who really know their stuff, and 100% accessible from the comfort of your home.

In this tour of the Dead Sea in Israel, you can visit a 3D exhibition hall that you can "walk" through at your own pace to see different places in your tour, and click on the images to learn more about the location in the photo. Next, go for a guided video tour with your guide. Saw a photo that would look great in your home, or on your screen? Buy it in the store. But most importantly, enjoy your tour!

Happy travels - virtually!

Image by Annie Spratt

Welcome to the....

- For optimal viewing of the 3D exhibition display, use the latest Chrome or Explorer browsers -

Scroll over this text for instructions

How to navigate

Place your mouse arrow on the picture of the virtual exhibition below (it might need a minute to load). You will see a blue-green oval with white footprints wherever you place the mouse arrow. Left-click to be taken to the location in the virtual venue where your mouse arrow / blue-green oval is positioned. To open doors, simply place the mouse arrow on the door and left-click to open (or close) the door.

How to hear the videos

There are interactive videos placed throughout the exhibition. Place your mouse on the video screen so it becomes lighter and then left-click so a box opens and you can turn on the volume.

For best experience when viewing the 3D exhibition, view on the Chrome or Explorer browser on laptop or desktop

  • If exhibit doesn't load, refresh your browser.

  • On mobile devices, you need to first download the Artsteps app from Apple Store or Google Play, and then type the name of the exhibition you want to visit in the search field in the app itself. All other functions and features are accessed through the V-Expos website.


- Guided Tour -

Guided Tour

- 5 years of receding Dead Sea water levels (2016-2020) -

Every year for 5 years (2016-2020), Noam took pictures of the same 4 locations to document the change in sea level. You can see the change over the years in the gallery below.