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- For optimal viewing of the 3D exhibition display, use the latest Chrome or Explorer browsers -

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How to navigate

Place your mouse arrow on the picture of the virtual exhibition below (it might need a minute to load). You will see a blue-green oval with white footprints wherever you place the mouse arrow. Left-click to be taken to the location in the virtual venue where your mouse arrow / blue-green oval is positioned. To open doors, simply place the mouse arrow on the door and left-click to open (or close) the door.

How to hear the videos

There are interactive videos placed throughout the exhibition. Place your mouse on the video screen so it becomes lighter and then left-click so a box opens and you can turn on the volume.

For best experience when viewing the 3D exhibition, view on the Chrome or Explorer browser on laptop or desktop

  • If exhibit doesn't load, refresh your browser.

  • On mobile devices, you need to first download the Artsteps app from Apple Store or Google Play, and then type the name of the exhibition you want to visit in the search field in the app itself. All other functions and features are accessed through the V-Expos website.

UAE Exhibit Images

The exhibit has just a few of the image we've created.

To see more, use the filter below, or visit our gallery.



Respecting Time

Tread with Grace

Extend a Hand

Building Bridges

Image of the week

- Brand Command Image of the Week -

Every week we choose 1 image we're really proud of, and tell the story behind it.

- Partners -

Want to partner with us?

Email us and let's talk.

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