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Welcome to the

UAE-Israel Virtual Exhibition

& Business Network

What is the UAE-Israel Virtual Exhibition & Business Network?

On August 13, 2020, people throughout the Middle East awoke to an historic opportunity to get to know each other better, begin doing business together, and build a better future together for generations to come.

Today, the V-Expos UAE-Israel Virtual Exhibition and Business Network enables people and businesses throughout the region to present themselves, find one another, and connect with each other at both the personal and business levels.

The exhibition is comprised of multiple virtual venues, each dedicated to a different field of potential cooperation, combined with multiple business networking tools.

The first venue below is dedicated to just getting to know each other by presenting images, information, people and companies related to tourism, local fashion, places, and food. In the coming weeks and months, additional venues will open to present people and businesses active in a variety of fields that can contribute to greater self-sufficiency and stability, including agriculture, water, healthcare, smart cities, mobility, clean energy,  cyber, financial, e-learning, and more.

Women with UAE Israel flags

Which venue would you like to visit?

See places, food, and fashion from the UAE and Israel, discover opportunities for cooperation, and more.

Welcome to the TOURISM venue.

Thanks to our partners in the UAE & Israel for their contribution!


- For optimal viewing of the 3D exhibition display, use the latest Chrome or Explorer browsers -

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How to navigate

Place your mouse arrow on the picture of the virtual exhibition below (it might need a minute to load). You will see a blue-green oval with white footprints wherever you place the mouse arrow. Left-click to be taken to the location in the virtual venue where your mouse arrow / blue-green oval is positioned. To open doors, simply place the mouse arrow on the door and left-click to open (or close) the door.

How to hear the videos

There are interactive videos placed throughout the exhibition. Place your mouse on the video screen so it becomes lighter and then left-click so a box opens and you can turn on the volume.

For best experience when viewing the 3D exhibition, view on the Chrome or Explorer browser on laptop or desktop

  • If exhibit doesn't load, refresh your browser.

  • On mobile devices, you need to first download the Artsteps app from Apple Store or Google Play, and then type the name of the exhibition you want to visit in the search field in the app itself. All other functions and features are accessed through the V-Expos website.


- Spotlight Gallery -

The Spotlight Gallery presents special opportunities or work by people or companies in the exhibition. This month's Spotlight Gallery presents the art of  Mohammed Meqbil!




View details about the exhibitors as well as other companies involved in tourism in the UAE and Israel by using the filter below. Where relevant, you can also visit their company page to lean more - see videos, read and download presentations and brochures, connect with them and arrange a meeting, and more.

To see the Platinum Exhibitors gallery, click here.


David Ringler Tourism

Making dreams come true in Israel

V.I.P Tourism in Israel in Arabic English and French.
V.I.P limo services combined with excursions in a one-stop-shop solution


Contact person:

David Ringler


HYF Medical Center

We believe in excellence

HYF Medical and Daily Surgical Centre is a new-generation lifestyle clinic in Dubai, combining medical expertise, ground-breaking technologies and products for extremely effective medical aesthetic, preventive medicine, detoxification, and wellness treatments.

All treatments are carefully selected and designed by our multi-disciplinary team of medical professionals working together to deliver a complete medical, nutritional, well-being and holistic lifestyle plan.


Contact person:

Marjana Radosevic


Dead Sea Revival Project

Exploring the Wonders of the Dead Sea. Virtually.

xplore the Dead Sea. LIVE! The lowest place on Earth, Israel’s natural world-wonder like never seen before! Now, at your own convenience, from anywhere in the globe with photojournalist and environmental activist Noam Bedein.


Contact person:

Noam Bedein


Broadening Horizons

Broadening Horizons leads to cultural creativity

Platform for learning and promoting creative thinking through art classes.


Contact person:

Kinneret Zohar-Lahav



It's all about the people behind the business

INSIJAM’s mission is the establishment and management of business ‎channels, and consultation and provision of practical tools for companies ‎and entities throughout the Middle East, the Palestinian Authority and Israel ‎that wish to form and develop trade and business relationships.


Contact person:

Yosef Mahfoud Levi


Timberden & Architainer

Inspirational, Diligent, Creative

Timberden & Architainer is a joint venture with Al Bina Decoration. T&A is a full-service interior design firm for events and exhibitions, helping business owners re-imagine and transform their space and concepts with a modern design focus and aesthetic.


Contact person:

George Kallottu


VooTours Tourism

Travel Beyond Imagination

Managed by VooTours Tourism LLC) excels at helping plan an exceptional vacation filled with inspiring and life-enriching experiences. We’re experts at bringing together the world’s finest travel agents and boutique tour companies in the United Arab Emirates to build the experience of a lifetime for our clients. We offer a wide variety of Tours & Travel excursions throughout the United Arab Emirates, each custom-designed for the client, whether it's a day trip to the deserts, adventurer’s trips, shopping excursions or an overnight trip to spent under the stars.


Contact person:

Anis Yussuf


Delicious Israel

Food Tours in Tel Aviv and Israel

Delicious Israel’s personalized walking, travel and cooking tours introduce traveling foodies and culture-seekers to authentic Israeli lifestyle. On our tantalizingly tasty adventures, we hear from the brothers running a third-generation Turkish family-owned deli on Levinsky Street, we taste shakshuka at a private Yemenite home nestled next to Shuk HaCarmel, and we learn about the origins of different spices from the immigrants who brought them to Israel. We introduce travelers to Israel at its purest: Israel freshly squeezed. Israel newly baked. Israel raw. Virtual tours also available!


Contact person:

Inbal Baum



More Connected. More Experienced. More Results.

FDI Business Diplomacy is an international advisory firm that facilitates foreign direct investment opportunities between economic development organizations, investment promotion agencies, special economic development zones, and companies around the globe. We combine decades of FDI and global business experience with today’s best practices in digital communication to make powerful connections across our robust international network.


Contact person:

Yehya Mokhalati


Oasis Ventures

Bridging the gap between UAE and Israel

Representing UAE-based investors and VC's towards investing in the Israeli ecosystem.


Contact person:

Dan Cohen




- Group Networking -

- Food, Fashion, Locations, and more! -

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