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Make new connections through 3D immersive experience virtual exhibitions from around the world.

From your sofa.

(No special headsets, goggles or glasses required)

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How to navigate

Place your mouse arrow on the picture of the virtual exhibition above (it might need a minute to load). You will see a blue-green oval with white footprints wherever you place the mouse arrow. Left-click to be taken to the location in the virtual venue where your mouse arrow / blue-green oval is positioned. To open doors, simply place the mouse arrow on the door and left-click to open (or close) the door.

How to interact with items in the virtual booths

There are interactive items placed throughout the exhibition at the various booths. Placing your mouse on the items causes them to become lighter (if they are interactive). Left-lick on the various interactive items to learn more about the specific item.

For best experience when viewing the 3D exhibition, view on Chrome browser on laptop or desktop.

  • If exhibit doesn't load, refresh your browser.

  • On mobile devices, you need to first download the Artsteps app from Apple Store or Google Play, and then type the name of the exhibition you want to visit in the search field in the app itself. All other functions and features are accessed through the V-Expos website.

There's much more!

Interactive Company Virtual Booths

Each exhibition has a list of the exhibitors whose booths you see in the 3D virtual exhibit. You can filter the list to find exactly what you're looking for, and then learn more about each specific company by visiting their dedicated booth page that has more in-depth information about them, including videos, presentations, brochures, and communication tools.

Communication Tools

Each company's booth page includes a variety of clickable tools to facilitate direct 1-on-1 communications, including business cards, email, phone, chat, and more.

Networking Tools & Contact List

Each exhibition includes a list of all participants - exhibitors, visitors, and investors - that updates in real-time so you can see exactly who has visited or participated in each exhibition. The list can be filtered so you can find the right people to connect with at your convenience. No more worrying about missing out on meeting your "perfect match".

How It Works

Image by Isaac Smith

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